Five ideal European destinations for this summer

Summer is always the perfect time for European journeys to discover its romantic beauty. Here is the list of five most ideal tourist destinations of Europe for you to discover this summer.

1. Warsaw, Poland: The capital of Poland is widely-known as “Phoenix City” because of its revival and intense vitality after many devastations. Visiting Warsaw, visitors will immerse themselves in the romantic beauty of the ancient city wall and typical stone paved streets. Summer is the perfect time to visit Warsaw due to its cool atmosphere and it is ideal to sit down and enjoy a glass of vodka.


2. Copenhagen, Denmark: Copenhagen, the Danish capital, gives visitors an interesting experience. In summer, the atmosphere there is fresh and cool, that is suitable for visitors to enjoy the beautiful city with colorful bikes, drink beer brewed manually in small pubs, or drink coffee on the beach.

3. Corsica, France: Located in the sunny Mediterranean, the island of Corsica is close to Italy but is part of France. The beauty of Corsica is the mixture of modern life and wild nature. The driveway between the cities in Corsica is one of the most beautiful roads along the coast with the blue sea on one side and the colorful mountains on the other.

4. Stockholm, Sweden: Stockholm has different beauty in each season. But if you want to fully explore the beauty and culture of this city, you should visit it in the summer when the weather is most pleasant in one year. In summer, the day time will be very long while the night only lasts a few hours. Particularly, when coming to Stockholm in summer, visitors will be able to attend Summer Festival – the biggest festival of the year of the Swedish with many interesting activities.

5. Endinburgh, Scotland: The capital of Scotland is an ideal summer destination for those who love the ancient beauty. Edinburgh has many old architecture from the Middle Ages with the magnificent castles located on the hillside.