9 Steps to Make Traveling Sports a Family Affair (part 1)


If you and your family members have experienced the traveling sports culture, you must have already known the challenges which come with being on a team. It’s demanding, costly, and drama-filled. And perhaps one of the most difficult things in traveling sports is that it will eat away at the precious time of your family if you let it.

It is possible to make travel ball a good experience which can strengthen your family and help you to make great memories together. But it takes a commitment to these steps:

Step 1: Turn it into a family vacation

Make sure that every member of your family goes on the travel ball trips. When your children or siblings are small, let them go. Don’t drop them off at Grandpa’s, Grandma’s or at a friend’s house to take the easy way out.

When your children or siblings are older, lure them to join in the trip, convince them that this will be a quite fun trip or a happy weekend.

Just take them to the car, at all costs.

Step 2: Encourage everyone to cheer

Cheering can be infectious. When you cheer for your children or siblings, show them to understand the importance of supporting each other as a family. Sisters and brothers don’t need to watch as intently as Dad and Mom, but make sure that they know when any member on the team makes a good play or does something outstanding.

Step 3: Bring sports equipment for a diversion

If you are playing an outdoor sport, bring which equipment your spectator children need to practice for and play their own sport. Between the games, or during timeouts, play catch, throw, kick the ball, or bump the volleyball with your children. This is a great time to focus on your children and help them improve their skills.