9 Steps to Make Traveling Sports a Family Affair (part 2)

Step 4: Bring out the surprises

If you don’t have the habit of saving books or toys of your children for a special occasion, it is a good time to start right now. Stock up when they are on sale and bring some of them along with your family on the weekends to offer as a diversion when your children get bored.

Step 5: Have family members keep stats

Teach your older children how to keep books and toys. This makes them occupied, involved in the game, and feel important.

Step 6: Find time to play together

If you have any spare time, try to make a point during every trip to do at least one family activity which has nothing to do with sports. Eat at a fun restaurant, find a mall, or visit a quick tourist attraction.

Step 7: Make friends with other team families

Enjoying friendships with the other families is part of the fun of travel ball. You should arrange to balance between your own family time and the whole team family time. Moreover, if the non-players in your family know that they will have their own friends, travel ball trips will become more appealing to your whole family as well as the other families in your team.

Step 8: Start a collection

Let the children who are the non-players in your family purchase a small souvenir of each trip to start their own collection.

Step 9: Throw away unrealistic expectations

All parents wish their children wouldn’t fight – Where do they want to eat dinner? Who is stuck in the middle of the back seat – Who has to sleep on the hotel floor? but the fact is that fighting is just what children do. If you can throw away the unrealistic expectations that everything will be fine, you are more likely to enjoy the journey.