Corsica, France’s Isle of Beauty, a great holiday destination

Situated southeast of France’s Mediterranean coast, the island of Corsica is a popular holiday destination among tourists all around the world, best known for its stunning coastlines, dramatic mountain peaks, and warm climate. Corsica also boasts a rich history, spanning centuries of traditions, with winding cobbled streets, ancient buildings on every corner, delectable cuisine, and a thriving art and music scene.  

The Weather

Corsica island has a Mediterranean climate with glorious temperatures during the summer, especially in the coastal regions that have hot weather. Further inland, summer is still warm and dry, with the temperature of about 27 degrees. The island of Corsica is also the region that boasts the most sunshine in France. That is arguably one of the main reasons why Corsica becomes such a popular tourist destination. During September and October, Corsica still has a pleasant climate.

La Maison Bonaparte

If you want to soak up some history, you can visit La Maison Bonaparte – Napoleon’s ancestral home on the Rue Saint-Charles in Ajaccio, the capital of Corsica. The ancient building is now a national museum displaying items that evoke Napoleon’s childhood. It shows portraits and furniture, medals, and other artefacts from the famous ruler’s life so that visitors can enjoy a fascinating journey through history.

Rare Animals and Plants

The island of Corsica is home to some rare animals and plants of the world. You can visit the natural park Parc Naturel Régional de Corse that protects many endangered species. It is home to two endangered species of hoofed mammals, the mouflon, and the Corsican red deer. The park also provides views of the island’s highest mountains.

The Beaches

Beaches in Corsica with sandy bays and pebbled coves are considered some of the most scenic and cleanest in France. Corsica offers the 5km stretch at Calvi, the southern strip of coast between Porto-Vecchio and Bonifacio, the beaches in the Valinco Gulf near Propriano, and many more.

The Arts

The island of Corsica celebrates many traditions which revolve around a thriving arts scene. In many villages, there are still some age-old crafts like pottery, jewellery-making, and knifemaking, as well as the musical tradition of polyphonic choral singing.