Explore 5 beautiful marine tourist spots but few people know

Summer has been a third of the way, have you ever traveled? If you still do not know where to go, let us suggest places such as “wild paradise” soon!

Summer – the season of clear blue waters, white sand and warm sunshine. The beaches are the ideal places for us to cool off in the summer. Besides the famous landmarks, there are still many unspoiled beaches around the planet waiting for us to explore. If you are someone who wants to “take each other to escape” to the deserted sea, what are you waiting for? Let ELLE Man explore 8 beautiful marine tourist spots, but very few people know right away in the following article!

  1. Sunset Sea, Oahu, Hawaii
    Contrary to the image of swirling waves challenging adventure lovers in winter, Sunset Beach is also extremely famous for its calm waters during summer diving season. Sunset Sea is located in the North Shore area, Oahu Island, Hawaii. True to its name, this is one of the most beautiful places to watch the sunset in America; attracts not only the people here but also many tourists all over the world.
    This is also the setting for many famous movies. A vacation for many days with loved ones on the empty beach, why not, gentlemen?
  2. The Sea of ​​Psarou, Mykonos
    Unlike the bustling Paradise and Super Paradise, Psarou beach is extremely quiet and somewhat secluded. Due to being surrounded by majestic mountains, the waters are very calm – suitable for boys who love diving as well as water sports activities.
    In addition, the island of Mykonos in this Greek country is also very famous for Kebab. You can experience this extremely interesting dish at the surrounding restaurants; or if not, right at the luxury yacht with accompanying services.

3. Sea of ​​Matira, Bora Bora
Located in the Polynesia, Bora Bora has a special topography surrounded by lagoons and coral reefs, this is considered one of the most unique places on the planet; separate from the human world

Matira Beach is located in the south of the island. With white sand, green water and coconut trees leaning in the wind, this is considered by many tourists as a real tropical paradise on Earth.

  1. Sea Champagne, Vanuatu
    The island nation of Vanuatu is located in the southwest Pacific Ocean, about 1,750km from eastern Australia. In addition, as the population in Vanuatu is still quite low, only about 300,000 people; The nature here is still very wild and romantic.

Champagne Beach is one of the most poetic spots on the island nation of Vanuatu. The name of this beach comes from the fact that the water surface is bubbling at low tide. That is the reason why Champagne sea water is warm all year round, very suitable for diving with aquatic animals.

  1. Bantham Beach, South Devon
    Bantham is the most famous tourist destination in South Devon, UK. Not as quiet as other places, the Bantham Sea is especially famous for its strong waves; attracts thousands of surfing enthusiasts every year.
    The rest of the coastline is quite unspoiled; with rocky mountains and long grass. In addition, there is the Avon River flowing through here. For those travelers who are not adventurous, a kayaking excursion along the river will be a great choice.