Four things you must do before traveling

If you are planning your dream trip probably you have already gathered information about the place you are travelling to. However, have you made a list of all the stuff you need to take with you? Writing down a ‘to-do’ list is always a good start, and this way you will be sure that nothing is left at home. Here you will find 4 tips to prepare your trip like a pro.

Check your documents

This is the main step you must accomplish: make sure to bring your ID Card and Passport with you, as long as any other documentation needed.

Keep an eye on the passport expiration date: for most countries, it needs to be valid for over six months from the date of the flight.Are you going to drive in your destination? In that case, you may have to request the international driving license, but only if you travel to a country that has not joined the EU.

Get your money ready

Have you already decided how much money are you carrying with you? You need to check the local currency and, if it’s not the same that in your country it’s necessary that you look for an exchange bureau and take the local currency.Remember checking over the taxes and how much time they will need to give you the exchanged money. Trying to figure out how much money would you spend along your holidays will be helpful too!

Check your luggage twice

The most-common mistake is taking with you something that you don’t really know if you are going to need. We all tend to overload our case with clothes, accessories, and other things that we didn’t even remember carrying at the end of the trip. Additional, each airline has its own regulations about maximum weight that you can carry on board. Therefore, figure out what to do during your trip and according to that, prepare only the stuff you really need to bring with you.

Prepare tickets and documents

There aren’t few things more annoying that an endless queue made by someone who can’t find his boarding card or don’t remember where the document to check-in in the hotel is.Try to avoid these situations saving the QR codes in your phone and this will make this processes faster.

Have you already set-up everything? Remember that the key to enjoy the trip is not on your destination, but the feelings and memories that you get. So, it is important to plan everything and look for the better services around you.