Interesting Facts About the Amazon River (part 1)

The Amazon ecosystem is described as ‘larger than life’, comprizing the most expansive rainforest in the world and is home to the second-longest river on earth – the Amazon River, one of the most popular destinations in South America. Here is some interesting facts about the Amazon River that you might need to know.

1. It used to flow in the opposite direction

The Amazon River used to flow into the Pacific Ocean up until 15 million years ago, but the formation of the Andes mountain range made it to become landlocked. It took almost 5 million years for the river to find its outlet into an ocean once again. And it started pouring into the Atlantic. In the present, in terms of water flow, the Amazon is the largest river in the world, pouring out up to 12,540,000 cubic meters of water every minute.

2. There are no bridges built across this river

The Amazon River

Unlike the Nile, the longest river in the world, the Amazon River boasts no bridges at all. Framed by virgin rainforest, its shores have never been built up, so the only way to cross it is by boat. In 2010, a bridge was built in Rio Negro, one of the Amazon tributaries, in the famous tourist host-spot of Manaus. This was the first bridge to have been built in the entire Amazon River system, and is one of the most complex and extensive in the world.

3. The Amazon River is home to a dolphin which blushes itself pink

The Amazon River is a phenomenal home to a lot of endemic creatures. One of the most beautiful animals in the Amazon is the largest dolphin in the world named boto, more commonly known as the Pink River Dolphin. It is a highly protected species that can be found in the Amazon basins in Peru and Bolivia. At first glance, the boto appears light grey, but when getting excited, it blushes a soft hue of pink. In addition, as they get older, their skin becomes more transparent, making blood flow to be more visible.