Natural places that help you heal your soul

Among the many destinations in the world, there are famous natural healing places that everyone wants to once set foot in.

Among the many places in the world, there are famous natural healing places that everyone wants to once set foot in. From the sacred river to the tropical green forest, from the magical hot springs to the long-standing herbal gardens, the wonders of this creation not only captivate you but are also a place for you to experience the journey. profound changes both physically and mentally.

    Each year, hundreds of thousands of people from all over the world flock to “Camino” – a Catholic pilgrimage through the trails to the top of the Spanish city of Santiago de Compostela. This is considered the burial site of St. James (1 of the 12 apostles of the Lord). The pilgrimage path has 1,800 buildings, churches, historic works, is a testament to the religion and the development of European architectural art for centuries. The most popular routes start from St. John’s. Jean Pied-de-Port in France, pilgrims walking 780 km through small towns, admiring the culture and cuisine along with Rioja wine.
    The Dead Sea is also known as the “navel of the earth”, is a giant saltwater lake with the highest salinity in the world, located between the border of Israel, Palestine and Jordan. Although no creature can live, the Dead Sea is a special attraction because visitors can float on the water without knowing how to swim, while enjoying health treatments. healthy and beautiful.
    Salt and minerals from the Dead Sea have been prepared into famous beauty cosmetics and therapeutic properties. Potassium as a moisturizer helps the body recover from heavy activity. Not only that, potassium when combined with bromide also helps reduce muscle and joint tension. The sodium concentration stimulates the immune system, while calcium chloride helps strengthen bones and nails, while magnesium contains anti-aging agents. In addition, the clean black mud underneath also acts as a natural spa, softening and smoothing the skin.
    If New Delhi is easily annoyed by the chaos mixed with insecurity or Arga is overwhelmed with the Taj Mahal – the symbol of immortal love, Varanasi is the place to bring a feeling of peace and seclusion.

For many people, the Ganges is perhaps the most mysterious place of healing. Originating in the Himalayas of North Central India, flowing southeast through Bangladesh and flowing into the Bay of Bengal, named after the Hindu goddess Ganga, the Ganges is the holiest river for Hinduism. According to Hindu beliefs, bathing in the Ganges is considered to wash away all sin, drinking water before death is a good omen and many Hindus have asked to be cremated along the sides of the Ganges, then scattering ashes. up the river. The people believe that, here, their souls will be sent straight to heaven, to the dwelling place of the gods.