The city many times visitors are not bored

From Euromonitor International data, Mastercard Global City Index and ranking by Lonely Planet users, Brightside gives the top destinations that travelers always want to return.

Bangkok, Thailand: The capital of Thailand is the leading city in the number of tourists visiting every year. The number is more than 25 million each year and continues to grow. Bangkok brings the beauty of contrasts, a unique combination of vibrant city life and the tranquility of Buddhism. Bangkok is also one of the world famous sleepless cities.

Vienna, Austria: Vienna is one of the largest cities in Europe and tops the list of cities with the best quality of life. The capital of Austria is a quiet, majestic and cozy place. Vienna is like a huge museum, where every street is filled with history. This comparison comes from Vienna having many museums: the Museum of Art History, the Albertina Gallery, the Leopold Museum and the Belvedere Museum. A visit is not enough to see it all, so people come back to the city many times.

Singapore: Singapore is very popular with tourists, although the cost of visiting the city is quite expensive. About 15 million people visited Singapore last year. Modern skyscrapers with futuristic designs, green parks, the world’s largest ferris wheel and weekly festivals are the reasons why visitors never get tired of visiting this city. .

Florence, Italy: In the past, Florence was the cultural center of Europe and the cradle of the Renaissance. Leonardo da Vinci, Michelangelo, Dante, Galileo and dozens of other celebrities have lived and worked here, so this city is filled with a special atmosphere. The capital of Tuscany is not the main tourist destination, although 5 million people visit it every year. Besides, it’s not uncommon for the city to be full of world famous masterpieces.

New York, USA: New York is the center of the world famous movies and TV shows. New York is a dream for many people and more than 13 million foreign tourists make this dream every year.

Lisbon, Portugal: The World Travel Awards jury has called Lisbon the best place to travel in Europe in 2019. The city received the same award 4 times in the past 10 years. Despite all the awards, the city is not so popular with mass tourism. Ocean atmosphere, white sandstone streets, beautiful architecture, yellow trams and of course, happy residents, all act as magnets to attract tourists.