The most gorgeous travel spots for the best holiday of your life (part 1)

These destinations, from Cambridge to Kyoto to Koh Samui and others, offer a variety of great cuisine, relaxation, and spiritual escape, which together create the three fundamentals of a satisfying trip.

While the world might be your oyster, sometimes there is way too much to see. If you are planning your forthcoming travels and need some inspiration, these are tourist destinations that cater to everybody.

Here we put together suggestions for quaint cities offering travelers a well-spent, varied getaway that can help you balance your body and soul with plenty of good food, rest, and relaxation.

1. Cambridge, England

About an hour by train from London, Cambridge is the perfect place to enjoy an afternoon. It is one of the oldest settlements in England as well as home to numerous galleries, museums, theatres, and libraries.

Cambridge, London

Art and culture

If you are a fan of art and culture, Cambridge is the place to go. It is the English-speaking world’s second-oldest university. Start your afternoon trip by taking part in a guided tour around the campus, where you can discover all about where DNA was discovered and know more about the lifestyle of current students.

You can also visit the Magdalene Bridge, crossing the River Cam with punting being a traditional activity of Cambridge students. Many of them might be happy to give you a little tour around the university to see sights like the stunning Wren Library, the famous Bridge of Sighs, and the beautiful Mathematical Bridge of Queens’ College.

Leisure choice

Cambridge offers some very serene golf courses like the Cambridge Lakes Golf Course, and the Hanbury Manor Marriott Hotel & Country Club – one of the best in England.

Practical tips: Cambridge is a small place so shops and restaurants might close early and might not take bookings. Don’t be disappointed if some venues there are not open, especially on Sundays.