Whether you’re traveling with your aging grandparents or young children, a multigenerational family vacation is a great way to bring family members closer together. We’ve listed here some tips on how to plan a vacation which can appeal to every age group.

1. Plan Well Ahead

When it comes to a multigenerational trip, “winging it” is a recipe for disaster. A bit of good planning can make a lot of difference as well as getting everyone involved in as early as possible can be both useful and rewarding.

2. Discuss Finances Firstly

Make sure to set a clear budget. There isn’t any point in coming up with an exciting safari expedition if half of the family members can’t afford it. Be respectful of the feelings and financial situation of each one. Moreover, don’t forget to discuss how you will share transportation costs, meal expenses, etc., prior to your trip.

3. Consider Vacation Rentals

The un-hotel trend has become more and more popular. Villa, bungalow, and apartment rentals are a good value for groups. They also provide some other advantages, including giving the opportunity to cook and share meals together or do laundry. There are vacation rental platforms like VRBO, Airbnb, or OneFineStay abound, and even some that focused on families with little kids like Kid & Coe or Tots to Travel.

4. Choose a Trip for All Ages

Remember that not all trips are created equal. Certain types of destinations and tours are more conducive to a multigenerational fun and relaxed atmosphere. An all-inclusive resort in the Caribbean is suitable for the budget-conscious family while a European tour is fit with old-world culture seekers and an African safari or an eco-lodge in South America are the best things for the more adventurous. They are all great examples of trips which invariably include something for everyone.