Top 10 cities with the most breathtaking night views (part 1)

When night falls, street lights and brightly lit buildings make the cities even more sparkling and charming.

Hong Kong, China

It is not an exaggeration to say that Hong Kong (China) is one of the places with the best night views in the world. The advantage is that you can admire the beautiful night scenery anywhere thanks to the brilliant buildings filling the city. Among them, Victoria Peak is known as the most beautiful night view spot in Hong Kong.


This is the perfect place for those who like a city with a fresh atmosphere with a unique, splendid night view of diverse architectural buildings. The Gardens by the Bay are one of the best night views in Singapore. It features glowing giant super trees that look like scenes from a fantasy movie, which create a space of mystery and charm.

Prague, Czech Republic

The attraction of the night scene in Prague is not splendor, splendor, but very natural and delicate. In this romantic city, you can admire the night view with both classic beauty and modernity. The shimmering and magical night scene of Prague is created by the ancient Prague castle and the Charles Bridge spanning the Vltava River. In addition, you can also enjoy the night scenery in places that keep traces of Prague’s time, such as the Powder tower and the administrative center of the city.

Gyeongju, South Korea

The scenery of this place at night is even more beautiful than during the day thanks to the wonderful harmony between nature and ancient palaces. Anapji Lake, also known as Donggung and Wolji, built in the Silla period, is the most beautiful night view spot in Gyeonggju. When night falls, the surrounding lights turn on, making the night scene even more ancient and mysterious. In addition, the Bomun complex, a miniature version of the Roman arena, is also an attractive place for you to enjoy the beautiful night view.