Top 10 cities with the most breathtaking night views (part 2)

Tokyo, Japan

At night, Tokyo is extremely splendid, glowing with lights. This is the city where you can find many beautiful night views. It’s the man-made island of Odaiba – where you can admire Tokyo Bay from a leisurely cruise ship. Or the vibrant entertainment district Roppongi – which has a beautiful view of the city of Tokyo. In particular, in Tokyo there are a number of observatories such as Tokyo Tower, Tokyo Skytree, World Trade Center Observatory for you to admire the panorama of Tokyo city and take beautiful night views.

Vienna, Austria

This is an interesting city where you can both walk and watch the night scenery. In Vienna there are many ancient buildings, elegant pictures and night views of each building have its own charm. From the Imperial Palace Hofburg, Theater Burg, Church of St. Stephen to the Opera house, you must stop to admire the beautiful night view. Vienna city is not as colorful at night as other places but has an ancient, charming look and not many tourists at night, so it is very suitable for worshiping and sightseeing.

Budapest, Hungary

Budapest boasts a beautiful night view that can captivate any visitor. The National Assembly Building is the most popular destination for night views of Budapest. Next is fisherman Fisherman’s Bastion, which overlooks the entire city of Budapest or you can take a cruise ship on the Danube to admire and enjoy the romantic city atmosphere at night.

Granada, Spain

Granada is one of the three best night views in Spain after Barcelona and Seville. Instead of the flashiness, the night scene of Granada has a delicate, elegant and very ancient beauty. The most prominent is the night view of Alhambra Palace – Spain’s last palace. This palace faces up Albaicin hill and exudes a charm that is different from the day. The Alhambra Palace at night is not only beautiful when viewed from the observatory, but the scenery it glimpses from all over the alleys is also spectacular.

Yangon, Myanmar

With the majority of the population following Buddhism, temples can be found everywhere in Yangon. But the reason that the temples in Yangon are so special is that the entire temple is made of gold. And the golden temples are more and more attractive to tourists at night. When night falls, Shwedagon Pagoda located in the center of Yangon city radiates brilliant yellow light, creating a beautiful landscape. Not only can you admire the temple while standing directly opposite at the entrance to the temple, but the splendid view of Shwedagon Pagoda can be seen from all over Yangon city.

Moscow, Russia

Moscow captivates visitors with night views of splendid buildings as stepping out of fairy tales. In particular, the Kremlin Palace and Gum department store, opposite the National Museum of History, is the most popular tourist attraction with a sparkling, charming night scene. Or you can admire the night view while walking along the Moscow River in the calming atmosphere to see the charming colorful Moscow.