Travel experience in rainy season

If your upcoming travel itinerary is interrupted because of the storm, you can pocket a series of experiences below to ensure the safety of your best friend, but the trip is still meaningful.

Plan before your trip: Before each trip, be sure to check the weather forecast to choose a safe location, participate in the right experience activity, schedule a good deal and choose the right clothes for the season. Planning also helps you prepare mentally, even consider canceling tickets, changing schedules.

Prepare what you need: The first and foremost item you’ll need is a well-sized waterproof backpack. Choose one made from waterproof fabric or use a cover bag. Important papers, electronic devices such as phones, cameras, laptops … should be kept in a waterproof bag to avoid moisture. Besides, do not forget to bring medicines, hairdryers to handle wet items in case of need.

Umbrellas and raincoats are indispensable for visitors to cope with the sudden rain while wandering the street. Choose travel clothes made from thin fabrics that are quick to dry and easy to wash. Sandal, plastic shoes or shoes made from waterproof fabrics are a smart choice on rainy days. If possible, you can equip plastic sandals to facilitate walking when wet.

The weather is erratic, sometimes difficult to predict. If you plan to travel to the sea, island or mountain climbing, you should carefully consider making a trip to avoid rough seas, big storms. Mountain climbing on rainy days is quite dangerous, the road is slippery and often met with many uncertainties such as landslides, rock slides.

Always have a backup plan, prepare in advance the location of hotels, motels, restaurants if unfortunately stormy rain to avoid wasting time. Unfortunately not to visit famous destinations, do not forget to explore the local cuisine. A delicious, varied meal with friends is also a memorable experience.

Cafes with awnings or glass windows are also interesting suggestions for you to enjoy a rainy day in a strange land. Tourist attractions are often invested and decorated to satisfy visitors.

Should not be subjective when moving when it rains heavily. In case of driving a motorcycle, you need to use helmets with goggles and protective gear to avoid going in the dark. Passenger cars, trains, and airplanes are a better idea to ensure safety.